Everyone knows about Asterisk. Everyone knows about one or two management application for Asterisk. But what you say about Freeswitch and about management software for them ?

This bundle intended for fast review of Freeswitch and FusionPBX, which are quite complex for manual installation and tuning. Freeswitch was built from sources with all possible modules and codecs (full list you can see in modules.conf in freeswitch directory). Also bundle contains Baresip (excellent sip console client) and CDR-stats (call data record platform).

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Quick start:

git clone

cd sip2world/docker/

chown -R 33:33 data/freeswitch
chown -R 33:33 data/fusionpbx
chown -R 102:106 data/postgresql
find data/postgresql -type d -exec chmod 0700 {} \;

For crane:

crane pull
crane run

For docker-compose:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up

Login to FusionPBX (admin:admin):

Login to CDR-stats (admin:admin):


  1. Docker 1.7
  2. Crane 1.4.0
  3. Freeswitch 1.4.18
  4. FusionPBX 3.8.4 r8671
  5. CDR-stats 3.0.0 beta
  6. Apache 2.4.7
  7. Baresip 0.4.12
  8. PostgreSQL 9.4
  9. Redis 3.0.2
  10. Memcached 1.4.24

Bundle listen on ports:

  1. Apache: 8080/tcp, 8443/tcp
  2. Baresip: 1111/tcp
  3. Freeswitch: 5060/udp, 5061/tcp, 8021/tcp
  4. Memcached: 11211/tcp
  5. PostgreSQL: 15432/tcp
  6. Redis: 16379/tcp
  7. CDR-stats: 8000/tcp


  1. FusionPBX: admin:admin
  2. PostgreSQL: admin:
  3. CDR-stats: admin:admin
  4. Freeswitch extensions: 100:100, 101:101, webcam:webcam
  5. Freeswitch event socket: :ClueCon

Feature list:

  1. Fast deployment of testing environment
  2. Video call to a Logitech HD Webcam C525
  3. Inbound call to a Huawei E1752
  4. Save call data record to the CDR-stats

Feature list (in plan):

  1. SMS in/out
  2. Callcenter
  3. Voicemail
  4. VLC audio stream
  5. IVR
  6. Hello World: Python, Perl, Lua
  7. Skype
  8. Chatplan

Known bugs:

  1. FusionPBX does not delete XML file of extension