Recently I wrote about hardware upgrade, but after some tests revealed that CPUs were too hottest, I decided to buy a compatible fan shroud. I had some doubt about effectiveness passive cooling and about fan shroud in particular. But in Internet I didn't find a useful information about fan shroud for Supermicro chassis. Therefore I decided to write this post for explanation of my experience.

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  • CPU: Intel Xeon x5650 x2
  • Chassis: Supermicro CSE-743TQ-865B-SQ
  • Heatsink: Supermicro SNK-P0038ла
  • Fan shroud: Supermicro MCP-310-48002

Burn method:

tar -c /data/ | pbzip2 -p24 -c > /dev/null

Results (celsius):

  • Without shroud: CPU0 - 85, CPU1 - 95
  • With shroud: CPU0 - 70, CPU1 - 70