In continuing to maintain sip2world I pleased to announce about first version which reside inside Vagrant. Also I created Ansible scripts, which provide whole process of installation and configuration. And all of configurations were merged into one repository. In addition was be added Skype call functionality. It was reached with help of skypopen module and Skype client which launched in Xvnc session.

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Software versions:

  • Freeswitch 1.6.8
  • FusionPBX 4.1.0
  • CDR-stats 3.1.1
  • baresip 0.4.12


  • FusionPBX: admin:admin
  • CDR-stats: admin:admin
  • Freeswitch extensions: 100:100, 200:200, webcam:webcam
  • System users: root:root, user:user, vagrant:vagrant

Quick start:

You should download two boxes and add them to local repository. I decided to use two virtual machines, because I want that people can just download all what need for working and not worrying about compatibility.

vagrant box add --name sip2world-server
vagrant box add --name sip2world-client

And just launch environment

git clone
cd sip2world/vagrant
vagrant up

Skype configuration:

Skype configuration is little complex. For that purpose I wrote several scripts and recorded a video instruction.