It has been passed many days since I wrote my last note about automated software testing and software quality in a whole. Since those days many things were happened and new challenges arrives in front of me. But I can say with sure, that all aspects and problems of automated testing were solved with help of (full list of software):

I wrote a set of articles about my experiense on well-known site in Russia:

  1. Software testing in Openshift: Introduction
  2. Software testing in Openshift: Internals of a cluster
  3. Software testing in Openshift: Automated testing
  4. Software testing in Openshift: Integration with Openstack

I'm going to integrate ReportPortal to our infrustructure (as a nice addition), it will give a good representation about results of automated tests.

Now I faced to much more complicated problems - improve and formalize of development processes, creation of a tight integration between teams, visualizing of workflows, standardization of testing patterns etc. It will be the next big step to repeatedly fast and good quality releases.