Dell products everywhere around me, because I like them :) After huge positive experience with Logitech mouses and keyboards I became wanted something new, something more silent and ... something more island-styled. The main weakness of Logitech's keyboards is a creak which inevitable appears due an active using. The second reason is - I don't like existed Logitech's island-styled models at all (besides there are not so many models).

Because of above mentioned I began to choose a different vendor that could give me what I wanted. After a vast research I decided to buy Dell KM717 that in my view was a perfect choice ... almost. The most important drawbacks:

  1. Very high power consumption. Two AAA batteries enough only for 2 weeks.
  2. Very loud mouse clicks.

To solve these issues:

  1. I bought rechargeable batteries.
  2. I bought Logitech B220 for silence.

I had been using this mixed combo (WK717 keyboard and B220 mice) till Monday (08.07.2019, for about ~1 year since buying) . On Monday the keyboard stopped working (I use a Dell receiver, not bluetooth connections) - it didn't matter how many times I pressed the keys - there were no symbols in output (I tried to do this inside and outside my OS). When I reconnected the receiver - I could type several tens characters and the keyboard stopped working again ... and that repeated again and again.

Here are steps I took for fixing the problem:

  1. The receiver was connected to different USB ports.
  2. The receiver firmware was upgraded to the latest version.
  3. The receiver was checked on different computers.
  4. All possible RF interferences were eliminated (as much as possible).

But nothing helped. Finally I installed Dell Universal Receiver Control Panel under Windows and reistablished the keyboard and the mouse connections to the receiver. After that the keyboard works as expected - without any freezes :)